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Zhejiang Rehone Plastic Co., Ltd. locates in Tiantai Zhejiang. Established with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, Rehone is a professional and experienced manufacturer of PVB Resin and PVB Interlayer for glass lamination. The company has two bases of production, Wenzhou chemical centre as PVB Resin production base, and Tiantai plant as PVB Interlayer production base. The PVB Interlayer production lines in Tiantai are equipped with advanced machines like EDI Extrusion Dies and SCANTECH gauging system.

Rehone currently employs 520 people, and 18% of them are professional technicians. The Wenzhou resin production base has an annual output of 12 000 tons. The Tiantai interlayer production base has 3 lines, all of which have been upgraded to dust-free workshop with constant temperature and humidity. The output of PVB Interlayer can be 10 000 tons. And these lines can produce various specifications film, maximum width up to 3.3m and maximum thickness up to 1.52mm.

The philosophy of Rehone Plastic Co is Forge Innovation, Pioneering Spirit, Integrity-based, Aftermarket Awareness. Holding the aim of Developing by Quality, Surviving by Credibility, the company keeps improving production, management, and service grade constantly. Rehone is dedicating to provide PVB Resin and Interlayer with high rate of quality and price.

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